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A: It’s never a good idea to drink and use any drug at the same time. However, I doubt you’ll die from it. You might get sick from it, though.

Q: What cold medicine work? I used to take drixoral, it’s no longer avaiable?
Cold/flu is killing me, watery eyes, congestion, sneezing, coughin’ etc, what should I take to relieve my cold symptoms? Drixoral is no longer avaiable, any alternative? help plz

A: Nothing is going to shorted the duration of the cold virus. The cold virus is self limiting and will resolve spontaneously. It shouldn’t persist for longer than a week and the worst of the symptoms should peak after 24-36 hours. Get rest, push fluids and take paracetamol.

There is weak evidence that Echinacea might decrease the severity symptoms and weak evidence shows that Zinc may reduce the severity of the cold symptoms in children but none will have any effect on the duration of symptoms.

The evidence for echinacea and zinc is very weak, I wouldn’t bother if I were you.

Q: Why was Drixoral taken off the market?
I have been looking for Drixoral everywhere but I can’t seem to find it. Does anyone know what happened to it?

A: According to Schering-Plough, the manufacturer. They are moving the manufacturing plant, and Drixoral will be off the market for ~1 year until they move in.

Q: Why is Drixoral no longer available for purchase in US pharmacies?

A: I believe the company stopped making it or at least that is what I was told.

Q: What is: Drixoral Cough Liquid Caps called in Canada?
Im wondering what Drixoral Cough Liquid Caps are called by brand name in Canada,
Or if they even sell them.
If you would be wiling to answer thanks. :)

A: Drixoral products are produced by Schering-plough, and are available in Canada – that said – they are very hard to find, and you may have to ask the druggist to special order them for you (even though they are OTC) – which he should be able to do easily.

I don’t know why more places dont carry them – their 12 hour decongestant tablets are about the only thing that work for me…

Q: Why can’t I find Drixoral anymore?
I have a cold and Drixoral is that only thing that ever worked for me. Now I can’t find it anywhere? Is it still available? Did the meth heads screw this one up for me?

A: You can still buy them south of the border or in Canada whichever closer for you.

Q: is it safe to take drixoral during pregnancy?
I’ve been sneezing constantly. Drixoral is for allergies. I wonder how long this is going to last? I’ve heard that it may last the entire pregnancy?! Probably not but the last few days have been really annoying. Mynose is getting sore from all this blowing.

A: Rather than taking Drixoral, take Benadryl. Benadryl has been proven safe during pregnancy. I have included a website you should visit regarding the use of drixoral during pregnancy.

Q: I found Drixoral from Canada Pharmacy?
I know a lot of people have been looking for drixoral since it has been takin off the market, I have found it selling at Canada

A: What is your question

Q: New formula for Drixoral?
As of September 28, 2008, I have been told by a pharmacist that the original formula for Drixoral is discontinued, and a new formula will soon be sold.

A: Thry have added an undisclosed ingredient to it.

Q: What’s the most effective cold medicine you guys have used?
I used to use Drixoral cold/allergy, but apparently a bunch of meth heads were using it to make meth so they don’t sell it in my state anymore. What have you guys had luck with in fighting the common cold?

A: My sister who is a nurse swears by a tonic called Father John’s Tonic. You can purchase it in a pharmacy. I use Alka-Seltzer cold medicine; the tablets.

Q: What is the best OTC to take for cough during pregnancy?
On my list from my doctor it has a category for Colds/Coughs/Antibiotics with:
Sudafed/Sudafed Sinus
Tylenol/Tylenol Cold and Sinus

And it has some other things that are not OTC but I am needing something tonight. What has anyone else used and what works best for just a really bad cough? I’m not having any kind of sinus trouble.

A: Warm tea lots of honey and a squeeze of fresh lemon

Q: Does anything bad happen when you take expired medicine?
I had a cold so I took some Drixoral cold medicine. After I did, I looked at the packet and it said that it already expired in February 2008. Will anything seriously bad happen?

A: the expiration date is a date that the manufacture picks and guarentees that the medicine will have at least 90 % of its activity if stored correctly on that date. A year is the longest that I recomend taking the med after the exp date…Most drugs just loose their strength, but rarely durgs break down into something harmful..Drixoral is not one that is harmeful as far as I know and besides 1 year is not long enough to bge a problem.

Q: Canadians, can you still find Drixoral on your pharmacy shelves in Canada?
Okay, here in the U.S. the plant for making Drixoral (cold and allergy medicine) has been shut down for a year. But, I heard tell that the plant that makes it in Canada is still making it. So, like many Drixoral users, I’ve been forced to buy it from online Canadian pharmacies at a heavily inflated price (used to be about $9, now is $46 for 20 pills!)

I was just wondering if:

1. Is it still readily available to you at your own pharmacies? (I’m not sure if the rumors that your having a manufacturing plant are true).

2. And if it is, did they inflate the price as bad as they did here?

Anyone at all?

A: Dirxoral is the best nose clearer out there! And yes we still can get it here in Canada for the standard spray bottle it’s about 8 dollars Canadian. So I’m not sure if that is inflated. You can also get the tablets but I don’t’ use them.

Q: what would 4 tablets of drixoral do?

A: Maybe “hype” you up. Don’t take more medication than recommended!!

Q: what is one of the highly regarded products manufactured by A. H. Robins?
a. pepto bismol
b. dimetapp
c. chor-trimeton
d. drixoral

thanks to anyone that can help me on this one=)

A: The answer is B –dimetapp

not D .

Check American Home Products and Wyeth

A.H. Robins was famous for the Delkon Shield –a birth control device

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